...a subscription box developed by people who love all things geeky.  Our goal is to make our customers happy every month by offering awesome, high quality goods from all your favorite games, movies, fandoms, and comic books. 


Our DWEEBNDORK mission…

We are constantly on the lookout for the best products at the lowest prices.  Why?  Because it is important to us that you get the most items for the money you're giving us! How do we do this? We work our butts off, that's how! Our team spends countless hours and footwork searching for the best deals for the best products.  We take your money seriously and we work hard to offer you the best geek box that we can! 


We find geeky goodies you'll love!

You don't need a Portal gun to get your packages on time.

Have a question about billing, shipping or canceling?  We WILL give you an answer!

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Ask and Tell

How much for a DWEEBNDORK Box?

-Dweeb Deluxe Box is $39.99

-Dork Box is $19.99  Both boxes offer free shipping in the United States

Is there a theme every month?

-No, there is not a theme. Why? Because we love to be truly surprised and we want to share that with you! Also, our team would hate to bypass a great item for you just because it doesn't fit into that month's theme.  We do however, give out spoilers throughout the previous month so you can have a small taste of what is coming!

Can I return a box if I don't like it?

Unfortunately, no you can't . The label "Geek" covers many fandoms and we do our best to put a variety of items in each box.  

Am I tied down to a contract?

You  are free to cancel your box at any time!  We also offer a service if you would like to skip a month.

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